About Liang Risheng

Liang Risheng graduated from Yulin Normal University in 2008 and obtained master degree in engineering from Hunan University in 2018. He teaches in Guilin University of Electronic Technology with a title of lecturer. As a senior designer, he is especially good at Artificial Intelligence + Design, Interaction Design, Industry Design, Production Design, Information Design, User Experience Research, Interface Design, Cultural and Creative Industry, Digital Media Art, and Public Art & Design and Visual Symbol Communication.

 1. Works, thesis and projects organized

Webpage Art Design compiled in 2011 and published by China Machine Press, was selected as excellent teaching material for undergraduate courses

2019.Maker Culture to Impact on Designer Feelings of Creating (paper)

2017.Main Elements in Webpage Art Design (paper)

2016.Format Design of Point, Line and Plane in Webpage Art Design (paper)

2016.Discussion on Design Thinking in Interaction Design (paper)

2015.Form of Expression of Traditional Graphic Design in New Media Art Design (paper)

Strategy and practice of integrated brand communication for independent colleges in Fujian Province (provincial-level project)

Development of framework software prototype system for big data platform of Guangxi Academy of Oceanography (municipal-level project)
Form of Expression of Traditional Graphic Design in New Media Art Design (university-level project)
Format Design of Point, Line and Plane in Webpage Art Design (university-level project)
E-commerce service platform of creative design for Chinese electronic business (project cooperated with enterprises)
Research on application of Zhuang ethnic minority element in APP interface interaction design (university-level project)
Research on application of interaction design in internet field (university-level project)

Research on webpage art design teaching mode and creative practice (university-level project)

 2. Experience in business starting-up and services provided for enterprises

Broad Vision Brand Design Workshop founded in 2005
Window of Beibu Bay (www.bbwzc.net) founded in 2011
Telaotu B2C e-commerce shopping platform (www.telaotu.com) founded in 2012
Guangxi Huicai Culture Communication Co., Ltd founded in 2012
I have provided services for more than 200 enterprises and organizations, including Industrial Bank, China Electronics Corporation, Beibu Bay Information Port, Sina Guangxi, Guangxi Branch of Headlines Today (Jinri Toutiao), China Poly Group, China South City, China Construction Eighth Engineering Division, China southern Power Grid, Beibu Bay Incubator, Beihai Municipal Communist Youth League, Hi-tech Zone of Beihai city, Beihai Municipal Commerce Bureau, Beihai Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Jingxi Municipal Government, Dongxing Municipal Government, Hengxian County Government, Call wine website, Haoqingchun Vinegar Group, Liudianban soy milk,Guangxi ZhuangNiu Dairy and so on.