Mr. Liang Risheng

Male│ │senior lecture and senior designer




Master Degree, Hunan University

Major: Software Engineering(Digital media art & design)

Bachelor Degree, Yulin Normal University

Major: Fine Arts (Visual design)




• 12 years of experience in teaching, design practice and design research.

• Over 12 years of solid working experience in interaction design, experience design, AI+design, interface design, brand design, brand promotion, brand management, research project development and writing, visual marketing and the like.

• There are 5 books have been published, and 2 books will are published shortly UI design and practice and CHINA ART DESIGN YEARBOOK

• principal over and participating in more than 19 scientific research projects and 7 papers

• Satisfactory research skills in the literature review, data collection, research methodology and analysis.

• Good leadership, communication, negotiation and coordination skills.

• There is 4 design patent of the new type.

• More than 200 enterprises have been served in China

• More than 10 various design awards (including Gold Award and Best Creative Design Award)

• Guided students to participate in design competitions and won more than 60 awards above the provincial level.

• Supervision for more than 100 undergraduate graduation theses.

• The 2021th was awarded as an outstanding employee of the university

• Served as an expert and judge of Mainland China's well-known design events.

• The head of the Digital Media Design Studio.




Artificial Intelligence + Design, Interaction Design, Industry Design,  Design Thinking,  Information Design, User Experience Research, Cultural and Creative Industry, Digital Media Art, and Public Art & Design.




TOEFL( Home Edition):104




Liang R, Academic Paper, Research and Analysis of User Experience of Shopping Websites by Intelligent Design System; it will be published in June 2022, the Core Paper(CPCI).

Liang R, First Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Book,UI design and practice, Anhui Fine Arts Press, to be published in October 2022, ISBN:978-7-5398.

Liang R, First Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Book,CHINA ART DESIGN YEARBOOK; it will be published in May 2022, ISBN: 978-7-5120-4343-5.

Liang R, Academic Paper, Maker Culture to Impact on Designer Feelings of Creating, published in FuJian Chaye, ISSN1005-2291, P62, the 215th Issue in 2019. 

Liang R, Academic Paper, Key Components of Webpage Art Design, published in Ming Attitude, ISSN1673-8365, P33, the 9th Issue in 2017.

Liang R, Educational Reform Paper, the Layout Design of Point, Line and Plane in the Webpage Art Design, published in Course Education Research, ISSN2095-3089, P225, the 3rd Issue in 2016.

Liang R, Academic Paper, Brief Analysis on the Design Thinking of Interaction Design, published in Public Arts, ISSN1007-5828, P138, the 381st Issue in 2016.

Liang R, Educational Reform Paper, The Form of Expression of Traditional Graphic Design in New Media Art Design, published in Cultural Industry, ISSN1674-3520, P1, the 75th Issue in 2015.

Liang R, The Textbook Web Interface Art Design, published by China Machine Press in 2011, ISBN9787111353812, which was selected as the Undergraduate Textbook of the Art Design Major of China’s Higher Education Twelfth Five-year Plan, and utilized in universities like Capital Normal University, Hunan University of Technology, Guilin University of Electronic Technology, etc.

Liang R, Participate in the compilation of Photoshop CS6 practical textbook as deputy editor, published by Xidian University Press in 2017, ISBN9787560646633.

Liang R, Participate in the compilation of Meeting The Colours--Study For Colour Design Teaching textbook as deputy editor, published by Hefei Polytechnic University Press in 2019, ISBN9787565043802.

Liang R, Participate in the compilation of Creative product design practical textbook as deputy editor, published by Xidian University Press in 2019, ISBN9787560652252.


Warm Note: I have written three papers and they will be published soon.

1. The Power of Design Under the Context of Artificial Intelligence, will be published in Design(设计), ISSN: 1003-0069, Design category core journals in China

2. Design Thinking in the Current Era of Artificial Intelligence: A Case Study on the Interface Interaction Design of Online Mall Website of Zhuangniu Buffalo Dairy, will be published in Packaging Engineering(包装工程), ISSN: 1001-3563, The Chinese Core Journal.

3. Research on the Brand Design of Guangxi Buffalo Dairy Industry Under the Background of Rural Revitalization, will be published in ZHUANGSHI(装饰), ISSN: 0412-3662, The Chinese Core Journal(CSSCI).





08/2021, Principal, Interface Interaction Design Course Construction. A project launched by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. Project No:202102194009.

12/2015, Principal, Study about the Application of the Zhuang Nationality Elements in the Interaction Design of APP Interface. The 2015 Youth Teachers’ Skills Enhancement Plan Programme of the Guilin University of Electronic Technology. Established the primary design database of Zhuang nationality visual elements like Zhuang Brocade, Ball made of Strips of Silk, Bronze Drum, the Dermatoglyphic Pattern of Zhuang nationality clothes. Developed methods to integrate the Zhuang nationality visual elements with the interface and interaction design of APPs Produced a suite of APP interface and interaction design works featuring Zhuang Nationality visual elements Published 2 papers Provided references for the teaching of art and design-related major.

11/2015, Principal, Development of the E-commerce Service Platform of Zhongdian Creative Design. A project launched by Beihai Science and Technology Bureau. Then it and has passed acceptance in 2020.

05/2015, Key Member, Research about the Training of Students Creative Thinking on Animation Production-A Case Study about the Course Learning Animation from Masters. A university-level project of the Guilin University of Electronic Technology.

02/2014, Principal, Study about the Application of Interaction Design in the field of Internet, a university-level project of Guilin University of Electronic Technology.

06/2013, Principal, Study about the Teaching Mode of the Webpage Art Design and Innovation, practice a university-level project of Guilin University of Electronic Technology.



08/2021, Key Member, Innovation and Practice of Guangxi Minority Art in Basic Design Curriculum Group Under the Background of Rural Revitalization. a provincial-level project, No: GXGZJG2021B158.

06/2021, Key Member, Research on Cultural and Creative Design of Remote Villages in Western Guangxi Province Based on Local Knowledge, a provincial-level project, No: MD21E006.

01/2020, Key Member, Research on Animation Image Design Based on The Advantages of Ethnic Cultural Resources of Guangxi, a provincial-level project, No:2020KY05044.

12/2019, Key Member, The Research Strategy on The Dynamic Visual Image (MG Animation) of Beibu Gulf City Group in Guangxi,2019 Guangxi universities young and middle-aged teachers' basic scientific research ability improvement project, Guilin University of Electronic Technology.Project No:2019KY0233.

05/2017, Key Member, Software Prototype System Development Based on the Framework of cd17007x Big Data Platform. A project launched by Guangxi Institute of Oceanology(广西海洋局)

10/2013, Key Member, Study about the Strategies and Practices of Integrated Brand Communication of Independent Colleges of Fujian Province, a provincial-level project

06/2013, Key Member, Research about the Projectization Teaching of the course Flash Animation Making, a university-level project of Guilin University of Electronic Technology




2012-Present, Founder, GM and Design Director, Beihai Huicai Cultural and Media Co., Ltd, which has provided design services for over 200 organizations and enterprises including Industrial Bank Co., Ltd, China Electronics Corporation, China Poly Group Corporation, China Southern Power Grid, China Construction Eighth Engineering Division Corp. Ltd,, etc.

2010-Present, Lecturer, Guilin University of Electronic Technology

Deliver courses like Interaction Design, Webpage Art Design, Advertising Design, Package Design, Font Design, Enterprise Brand Image Design, Band Marketing via New Media, Graphic Creativity, etc.


08/2021, Chief designer and planning director, the exhibition hall of the story of Beihai's kind people.

05/2021, Chief Designer of the public design of the city festival atmosphere in Beihai City, Guangxi province.

01/2021, Chief Designer of the landscape design of the spring festival atmosphere in Dongxing City, Guangxi province.

08/2020, Planning and directing for the advertising video of BeiBu Gulf incubator(BeiBu Gulf Information Port)in 2020.

07/2020, Design Director of Guangxi event of Miss Tourism Cultural World in 2020.

07/2020, Chief Designer of the Corporate Image Design and Brand Design(including Cultural and creative design expanded), Guangxi ZhuangNiu Dairy(广西壮牛乳业股份).

07/2019, Chief Designer of the Corporate Image Design and Brand Design, Guangxi Beihai Black Pearl Group Co., Ltd.

06/2019, Chief Designer of Meianxin Brand Cosmetics Series, Web User Interface.

06/2019, Chief Designer of AUCJOU Brand Cosmetics Series, Web User Interface, VIS Design, Package Design.

Principal and Chief Designer, Renovation Project of NongShang Street and Guizhou Road Pedestrian Street, Dongxing Municipal Government, Guangxi Province.

05/2019, Chief Designer of Sculpture Design and Landscape Design of ASEAN Avenue, Dongxing Municipal Government, Guangxi Province.

03/2019, Chief Designer of Construction and Design of Overall Campus Culture, The Yuewan Road Primary School of Nanning. 

11/2018, designer, the high-end tea gift package designated for the sixty anniversary of Guangxi Province.

10/2018, Designer, the university official website UI design of Guilin University of Electronic Technology Beihai Campus.

10/2018, Designer,10th Anniversary Logo of Guilin University of Electronic Technology Beihai Campus and Chief Designer of VIS design

10/2018, Chief Designer of the Package Design and Brand Design, Guangxi Haoqingchun Vinegar Co., Ltd.

2018, Chief Designer of the whole year Poster Design, Industrial Bank Co., Ltd Guangxi Branch(兴业银行广西支行).

2017, Chief Designer of Hengxian National Agricultural Exhibition Hall, Nanning city. (横县国家级农业展厅)

2017, Chief Designer of the Yinxiangnanzhu(印象南珠)brand design and production design, a famous local Jewelry brand.

2017, One of the Judges, the Mascot Design Competition of the GREE-tour of Guangxi(环广西自行车大赛).

2017, One of the Judges, the Guilin “Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing” Industrial Design Competition2017桂林绿色制造工业设计大赛).

2017, Principal, the Brand Design, Visual Identity Importing and Interior Decoration of the Creative Space Incubator in North Bay(北部众创空间).

2016, Chief Designer, “Welcome the New Year” Theme Design, Dongxing Municipal Government, Guangxi Province.

2015, Design Director, the Visual Planning Design and Visual Identity System Importing, New Area of CEC Beihai Industrial Park(中国电子产业园北部湾孵化器).

2014, Principal, Travel Strategy Planning and Design of Haicheng Tourism Business Bureau, and the Hand- drawing of Tourist Map of Haicheng District

2014, Founder, Brand Designer Director & Product Design Director, “Image Nanzhu” High-end Jewelry Designer Brand.

2014, Principal and Design Director, the O2O E-commerce Platform Development of the Large-scale Chain Convenient Store titled Shopping Yishangjia, with duties including the design of PC-based, Andriod-based and iOS-based Shopping Websites.

2013-Present, Brand Design Director& Corporate Brand Management Consultant, Guangxi Danggong Dessert Chain Store (total 137 stores in China ).

2012, Founder and Director of Project Planning, Website Operation and Interface Design, the large-scale Vertical e-commerce shopping website Telaotu (, an earlier B2B2C platform that involved vertical e-commerce in China.

2010, Founder and Design Director of the website, and the Honorable Mention Holder of the 1st North Bay Entrepreneurship Competition

2010, Principal and Design Director, the Portal Development of Chiteng County People’s Government.

2009, Chief Designer and Principal, Brand Design and Brand Promotion of the AAAA Scenic Area of Xielutiantang(谢鲁天堂,AAAAA景区).

2008, Founder and Chief Designer, Yuanda Brand Planning Studio that provided services of design and brand planning to SMEs.

2008, Brand Designer and Front-end Web Designer, Guangxi Chuangfu Marketing Planning Co., Ltd.




Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, Adobe InDesign, Adobe After Effects, Coreldraw, Axure RP, C4D, MS Office, Excel and PPT.